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Corrie Ann Gray
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Your Positive Thoughts May Be A Waste of Time

Your Positive Thoughts May Be A Waste of Time

You read that right. Your positive thoughts may not be serving you the way you think they are.

We’ve all heard it before, “think positive.”  Or maybe you’ve heard, “Your thoughts create your feelings.” It’s all good and true; however, if you don’t believe what you’re thinking, your results will be lacking.

The other day I listened to a podcast by Brooke Castillo. She runs The Life Coach School and this particular podcast (her first from years ago) was about our thoughts. In it, she explained how what we think about has a direct impact on our results.  The formula goes like this:

So everything goes back to your thoughts. This is true for things you want to do, and things that you don’t do. The reason this is so impactful is that, again, our thoughts create our feelings.

If you have a thought that creates the feeling of apathy, that feeling will trigger your actions (or lack of action), and the result is, you don’t do what you say you want to do.  Let’s say you plan on meeting with a business coach about starting an online business, but in your head, you’re thinking, “That’s really a waste of time. I’ll never follow through on it.“ So, you jump on an employment website to find your next job.

Even if you always force yourself to have positive thoughts with affirmations and vision boards, if you don’t believe the thoughts, nothing is going to change.

How Do You Change the Results of Your Thoughts?

Start believing your positive thoughts (and letting go of the negative). The trick for this to work is to start paying attention to your thoughts. You want to step inside of your thinking process and see what it is you are actually thinking. I realize this sounds difficult, and it is to an extent, but it is absolutely necessary to move beyond the thought you don’t believe into a place of creating feelings that empower your actions rather than squash them.

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How to Believe What You Think?

The first step is awareness (that’s my theme for 2019). Become aware of your thoughts. When you do something, stop yourself and pay attention to what you are thinking.  When you don’t do something you say you want to do (e.g., start a business), what thoughts are spinning through your mind?

Start keeping a journal with what you find. Over time you may see some patterns.

Next, you want to start having positive and empowering thoughts. Rather than say, “I’ll never follow through on starting a business,” replace it with, “Starting a business will activate my creative energy.” 

See, we aren’t mentioning anything about the goal of having a small business. We’ve just replaced the negative thought about not following through with an empowering one. Then see what happens. How do you feel when you think the new thought? Do you believe it?

If you don’t believe it – write it out several times. Embed it into your brain as something you believe in. Learn about creativity and entrepreneurship. Talk to a business coach (most have free sessions) about how starting a business can help you increase your creative output. Find magazines and books that support this crazy thought that you have, and see that they all support that belief.  When you start to find and accept supporting evidence, you will begin to believe the thought.

Change won’t happen overnight, but with consistent awareness and practice, in time you will have positive thoughts that you believe and take action on.

Can I help you reframe some thought patterns? What is a thought you often have but just don’t believe?  Leave a comment below and let’s get started turning your thoughts into beautiful results.

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