For the visionary woman who is ready to embrace her passions, fully explore her purpose, and create a business fully aligned with who she is.

A private mentorship designed just for YOU, a multi-passionate woman who is ready to embrace your superpowers in a business you love, and get out of your own way.


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You're smart. You love to learn. You have many skills, talents, and interests, and you love to use them as often as possible. You are never bored. If someone has a question you can probably answer it.

But you're frustrated. You love having multiple passions but you find it difficult to navigate through life and business because:

  • You have zero focus and feel scatterbrained most of the time
  • You try bringing your passions into your business, but your ideas don't seem to make sense together
  • Distractions are your nemesis and before you know it, you're off over there doing something else
  • You believe other people see you as a flake because you can't make up your mind about what you do
  • You never finish anything and have nothing to show for the work you've put in so far
  • Success is elusive to you as you watch the specialists become rich and famous
  • You desperately want to have a successful business, but you have no idea how to make that happen
  • The stress of starting and building a business is taking a toll on your health and wellbeing, and you know things have to change

Your visionary life isn't meant to follow one distinct path, and neither is your multi-passionate business. As someone who has many skills, talents, and interests, it's easy to lose your way.

Here's a little secret you may not know...

Having multiple passions is your superpower
and it doesn't have to be a struggle.

Meet Your Visionary Guide

Hey there! Let me introduce myself, in case you don't know me yet. I'm Corrie Ann, a multi-passionate Renaissance woman, also known as The Multi-Passionate Muse. From an early age, I knew that I was unique. I knew that I could learn a lot, learn fast, and learn continuously.

I came from an entrepreneurial family and was raised in the family business. Growing up with a strong work ethic has served me well in life. I was able to hold down a 30-year corporate career in the automotive industry and start and operate six businesses in the same period.

Starting a business is hard, and it takes commitment, drive, and focus. That last part, focus, can be difficult for multi-passionate people like you and me. That's why I started coaching 20 years ago. I wanted to help other visionaries focus on their goals and achieve big things in life and business

I'm fortunate to live a beautiful life with my husband, Anthony. We live in Northern California in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Every day I get to call the shots in my life and business. I've combined several of my passions into my current company (that I now run full-time) and I can say without a doubt that life is fantabulous.

My mission in life is to teach and inspire others, and one way I do this today is as a business strategist and coach. I combine my problem-solving, future-thinking, and strategic planning skills into my role as teacher, guide, and strategist. I am also a writer working in the screenwriting arena right now.

One of my biggest thrills in life is when I work with a client and see them surpass their wildest dreams. They step out of their comfort zone, take inspired action, get out of their own way, and make magic happen. I believe in magic, and I hope you do too. 

I believe that entrepreneurialism is essential in our world today. It is how you can secure your future and live a life based on your values and purpose.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities?

What would it feel like if you could...

  • Fully express who you are in all areas of your life
  • Do work that was fully aligned with your unique skills and interests
  • Work with your dreams clients and watch them get results.
  • Have the clarity and focus to follow-through on your business goals and make them a reality
  • Design a business that fits into your life and not the other way around
  • Find a natural flow and rhythm in life that makes you feel good
  • You live a healthy and vibrant lifestyle as a successful multipreneur
  • Your business generates consistent revenue so you can pay your bills, save for the future, and enjoy life.

I can show you how in a private visionary mentorship!

Corrie Ann Gray

What some of my clients have said:

You guided me in seeing how the businesses connect...

Before working with you - I was struggling with what to do to get moving. I knew I wanted to make my businesses happen, to get them working, and moving forward again. I just didn't realize how to accomplish that goal. After the first session with you, I saw the way forward and I felt a renewed sense of purpose with the businesses. That energy continued through the month and was bolstered by each session. I was amazed at how you were able to to get me to focus in on exactly what I needed to do. you helped me realize that I can do this, I am doing this and that being a multi-passionate entrepreneur is exactly who I am.  You guided me in seeing how the businesses connect to each other, how they work together, and the theme that runs through each one. I am now on the right path for me and my business. 

Joelle Wilson  /  Honest Life Coaching

Corrie Ann Gray

I feel so empowered after our session today!

I feel so empowered after our session today! You really lit me up and gave me such good material to think about.  For years I have been overwhelmed trying to connect the dots of all the things I do, and I am curious about, feeling like I had to decide and choose one. You showed me what they all have in common and inspired me to communicate it in such a simple way which I think I feel comfortable with. Thanks so so much for your help. The world would be such a better place if everyone had a Corrie Ann in their lives!

Rox Donikian  //  Identity Libros

Why I do this work.

  • I grew up not having a clue what I wanted to do with my life, and I still don't. It changes often and I'm okay with that.
  • I know what it's like to lose focus and not know where to go next. I've learned how to use this to my advantage so I don't stay stuck for long.
  • Over the past few decades I have started and stopped five business because I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but "they" kept telling me, "Pick one thing Corrie Ann." That frustrated me more than anything so I decided to refuse to choose in my sixth one.
  • I know what it's like to wonder if I make a decision if it might be the wrong one, and then what will I do? I've figured out that decision-making is a powerful tool I can use in my business.
  • I am a natural born teacher, strategist, and coach and one of my superpowers is maximizing the potential in others. It's part of my destiny to share this work with YOU, my fellow multipreneur, and show you just how magnificent YOUR superpowers are.

I also know what it's like to...

  • Wake up every day knowing that I get to design my life and business the way I want to. I can ignore those who say "pick one thing," because I play by my rules.
  • Use my strengths in my business, so I do work that I love, I serve others, and I make a positive impact on the world.
  • Realize that I'm following my true calling and the Universe has provided me with the guidance and support to carry me through, no matter where it takes me.
  • Work with my client and see the lightbulb moments for them. It's a real pleasure to know that my work helps them do what they do best.

This mentorship is for you if...

You are ready to ditch the excuses, evolve your mindset, and start making magic happen in your life and business.

You want to fully embrace your multi-passionate tendencies and use them to your advantage once and for all.

You're ready to finally decide that what you want is important enough to pursue and achieve.

You're willing to do the work and take full responsibility for your current results, and step into a new version of you.

You don't shy away from new ideas and are open to learning, researching and implementing concepts that may be new to you and your business.

You are 100% ready to step into your role as CEO of your life and business.

Your 6-Month Visionary Mentorship

For the visionary woman who is ready to embrace her passions, fully explore her purpose, and create a business fully aligned with who she is.

What's included in your experience.

1. Mentorship Intake

This is a questionnaire for you to complete before our "Get Started Intensive." This information will provide me with details about your life and business. This process ensures we use our time wisely throughout the mentorship.

2. Get Started Intensive

This is our initial meeting to dive deep into your goals, your purpose, and to create a strategy for how the mentorship will continue. This intensive will set the groundwork for what's to come as you start implementing what you learn.

3. One-on-One Coaching and Strategy Sessions

These sessions are focused on coaching you through your goals and customized for your specific situation and business. You will have a total of twelve (12) private sessions with me at times that are convenient for you.

4. Unlimited eMail or Facebook Messenger Support

You will never feel like you are on your own. You will have direct access to me Mon-Fri if you ever have urgent questions come up during our time together. We can even jump on an emergency call to get you unstuck.

5. Resources and Tools

I will provide you with all the templates, checklists and cheatsheets needed to set up your business, promote your business, makes sales, and generate revenue. 

6. Surprise Gifts

I won't tell you too much here, but I love surprising my clients with little gifts. They are useful, playful, sometimes tasty, and chosen with you in mind.

And of course there are bonuses!

  • Access to the Strategized™️ course ($597 value). This is a 6-module self-study course that walks you step-by-step through the phases of creating a strategic plan for your multi-passionate business. We cover everything from reprogramming your limiting beliefs, gaining clarity and focus, a proven goal setting framework, developing an overarching theme, and my unique method for creating vision boards that work. This course compliments our mentorship. (This course was previous titled: The Ultimate Visionary System.)
  • Access to the Focus and Plan It Course™️ ($197 value). This is a planning and time-management self-study course designed for the multipreneur. In this course you will learn how to sustain productivity and momentum, eliminate distractions, streamline your projects, end procrastination, and learn my "secret" time-management system. In our mentorship I will hold you accountable to the methodologies taught in this program. 
  • Complimentary 6-month membership to the Multipreneur Business Academy ($600 value). This is the premiere-level monthly membership of the International Association of Multipreneurs. It is the next logical step after our mentorship to keep you on track to meet your business goals. The coursework covers everything from start up, client attraction, copywriting, marketing, advertising, sales, customer service, and retention. Think of it as a booster shot for your business. Your MBA membership begins immediately following your mentorship. 
International Association of Multipreneurs

Apply for your complimentary Focus Discovery Session.

We'll talk about what's going on in your life and business. I'll answer your questions about the mentorship and I guarantee you will have at least one breakthrough you can implement immediately.

What others say about working with me

Corrie Ann Gray

So much got clarified for me...

Working with Corrie Ann was like stepping out of the dark into the sun. So much got clarified for me - not only my big “why”, and a total reconnection to my passion for what I’m doing, but a very clear picture of the path ahead. She really took the time and energy to understand where I’m at in my business, where I want to be and what my challenges are, and helped me figure out a lot that was stumping me. I so appreciate that she works on both a practical level by giving tons of useful information, as well as a more nurturing level to leave me feeling confident and excited!

Jessica Jennings  /  Ma Yoga Living

You're the best!

I sincerely appreciate all your help. You are one of the most generous women I know and are always so giving of your encouragement, skill, and wisdom. I said it before and I'll say it again, you're the best!

Crystal Barrow  //  Shape Your Success Coaching

Maria Elena Gomez

She truly cares about helping others...

Corrie Ann has helped me in so many ways both personally and professionally. She inspired and motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.  I was terrified with the idea of public speaking and just the thought of being in front of a group would give me anxiety but eventually I could get in front of a group without running out. I have since become an independent consultant, which pushes me even more to present and sell in group demonstrations. Something I would've never thought of doing without Corrie's guidance. I feel I've grown in so many ways with her as my coach. She is a great teacher/coach and will get you started and moving forward with a plan of action. She truly cares about helping others. She is definitely a multi-passionate lady, which is a valuable asset to move you towards achieving your vision and goals. 

Maria Elena Gomez  /  Independent Consultant

Corrie Ann Gray

She is and has been a wonderful coach...

I have had moments in my career and life where things aren’t so clear, where I am looking for something more or for a change. These are the times I struggled to find the right questions or a place to start. Corrie Ann Gray has a great talent at providing a starting point, give me questions to ask myself, what I should be considering and how to organize that process. She has helped me identify my strengths and skills which she then helps me use to work through the process. She is and has been a wonderful coach and friend, sharing her gift and her passion.

Christina Artavia  //  Human Resources Consultant

This work is perfect...

This work is perfect for the person who is a multi-passionate but has no sense of direction, no idea of where to put their energies into the businesses, the person who, at their core, needs to do more than one thing.

Joelle Wilson  /  Honest Life Coaching

Corrie Ann Gray

Corrie Ann continues to be my constant go-to source...

Corrie Ann understood where I needed to focus and was spot on with guidance and tools to move me forward toward my goals. Corrie Ann continues to be my constant go-to source for clarity and direction, information, and constructive feedback.

Diana Rooney  //  Cursive Handwriting Specialist

Business areas we may focus on include:

Your mentorship is customized for you.


Overarching Theme

Building a



Basics of Business



Email Marketing
and Funnels



Revenue / Financial

Wellness areas we may focus on include:

Nurture Relationships with others and yourself

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Movement

Nutritional Coaching for the Entrepreneur

Meal Plans and Delicious Recipes

Apply for your complimentary Focus Discovery Session.

We'll talk about what's going on in your life and business. I'll answer your questions about the mentorship and I guarantee you will have at least one breakthrough you can implement immediately.

The Investment:

6-Month Visionary Mentorship


Only 2 spots remaining at this investment level. Rates go up in 2020.
*Payment plans available. A 3-month program is also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer a life coaching program for multi-passionate people?

Apply for your complimentary Focus Discovery Session.

We'll talk about what's going on in your life and business. I'll answer your questions about the mentorship and I guarantee you will have at least one breakthrough you can implement immediately.

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