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Corrie Ann Gray
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We Can Do Better

Yesterday, October 1, 2017, will be a day that will be remembered forever.  In an instant a lone-shooter changed the lives of thousands of people forever.

When I heard of the mass shooting in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Festival I was at home, feeling a bit anxious and unable to sleep.  I flipped on the television and saw the breaking news on all major channels.  It wasn’t quite sinking in at that late hour, that is, until I saw the videos.  Heart-wrenching videos of concert-goers confused, in panic, running, ducking, and running some more. The pop-pop-pop-pop of what seemed like endless gunfire can be heard over the screams of the crowd.  During a silent pause people took the opportunity to get out.  And then another round of gunfire.  I could not stop my tears from falling.

What the fuck is going on this world?  Where does all this hatred come from?  I cannot process this kind of action against innocent victims – against anyone.  Thousands of people joined together in what was to be a fun and song-filled time in Las Vegas. How does a horrific nightmare transpire in a moment’s time?

There are lots of questions and very few answers.  They know who did this, and they believe he did this alone. I will not repeat the man’s name.  Sadly, his notoriety will live on long after the dead are buried and the surviving victims try and get back to their lives. I will say this – he was broken.  Whether he snapped on October 1, 2017 or had been broken for many years, he indeed was not in his right mind.  I simply cannot believe that someone in their right mind would commit such a heinous act. As someone who has studied motivation at great length, my brain goes to wondering – what motivated these actions?    Right now, for me, the motivation doesn’t matter.  He did it.  People died. Others are forever wounded physically and psychologically. It is early in the investigation, so I’m sure more information about him and his motives will come to light.  In the end, his reasons don’t change reality.

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We can question and argue about gun control, or the mental health sector, but in the end, we are grieving the loss of innocent lives.    As of today, it has been the largest mass shooting in modern US history.  What do we have to do, as a nation, as a people, to make it be the last?

I don’t have the answers but I know this – hatred cannot thrive in the hearts of people if we come together, clean up the hatred, care for one another, heal our personal hurts, and bring love and light to our neighbors, family and friends.

We can do better.

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Corrie Ann Gray is a visionary writer, strategist, philosopher, and a damn good cookie creator. She is also known as The Renaissance Soul Writer and is the founder and director of the Clean Body Project, where she inspires individuals to live a holistically purpose-filled life.

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