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Corrie Ann Gray
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Wait, Don’t Think About it…Do something

If you’re anything like me, a multi-passionate person with more ideas than she knows what to do with, you probably sit around thinking a lot. Maybe even a whole lot.

I will be the first to admit; I live in my brain. Every day I find myself swirling around thoughts between my two ears wondering how I can make it work; how does that happen; why do people do that; what will happen if it changes.

Recently, like the last year, I have been stuck in an endless loop of thinking. It is the nemesis of anxiety. If you live with fear, you know about this personally. Thinking is the enemy, and it can take you down in a moments notice.

I’m not in your inbox today to talk only about thinking.

The main topic of discussion should be waiting. Why do we wait to do things?
Come on, confess; you wait all the time to do things that you want to do. You meet a great person and think s/he would be fun to date, but you wait weeks (or longer) to get up the nerve to ask. You’re miserable in your job and take a bunch of crap from your manager, but you wait even to start looking for a new position, hoping things will get better. Or, you wait to start that personal project of yours that has been churning in your head for decades, but you don’t know if it will be worth it.

Stop waiting!

I’m not only saying this to you, my beautiful readers but to myself every single day. Stop fucking waiting. And what contributes to the waiting? You guessed it – thinking. That dangerous little bugger causes more trouble.

Last week I had THE best conversation with a friend of mine from my previous corporate job. She is now a mindset coach. I’m not even sure if that’s the correct title for her. She’s an intuitive goddess who can help others see their blind spots and guide them to take action to overcome them. I too am highly intuitive, and yet over the past fourteen months, I have seen that part of me fall away. I have crawled out of my heart and into my brain full time. It’s a dangerous place to be. Our talk made me realize that it is time to take massive action and stop waiting.

This past Wednesday I got another message about waiting. This time from Mel Robbins, the author of The 5 Second Rule. I stumbled across one of her YouTube videos where she briefly talks about waiting and then explains how she made something happen because she stopped waiting and got started.

Scary stuff for sure, but the big message here is this:

Stop thinking and waiting and start doing. Isn’t your project, book, adventure, career or relationship worth it? Get started even if you don’t know how things will turn out or if it is out of your comfort zone. Start talking to others about your idea. Go to conferences to meet professionals who can help you. Ask the handsome guy at the coffee house out on a date. Time is ticking, and we don’t have forever to make things happen. Get started, see how it goes, course correct, and make magic happen people.

Action item:

What is one thing you can do today to get started on that project you have been putting off waaaaay too long? Just one little step is all it takes. Once you do it, figure out the next step you can do tomorrow and schedule it in your day – that’s right, add it to your calendar, put a reminder on the refrigerator, whatever you need to do to make sure it gets done.

You are only one step, one decision, one moment away from changing your life. Go do it, be successful and have no regrets. Let me know in the comments what you are waiting for and how you are going to make it happen sooner rather than later. You got this!

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