If you're a writer or entrepreneur struggling to leverage your multiple passions in Business, and you're looking for a strategy that is effective and doesn't make you choose one thing, I can help.

Learn and Implement the #1 Secret of successful Business Owners
so you no longer spin your wheels trying to make things work.

This 6-week experience will allow you to design the business that is perfect for you.

So, Let's Talk Truth.
Do you tend to get in your own way when it comes to building a business that truly reflects who you are?

So, let's talk truth.
Do you tend to get in your own way when it comes to building a business that truly reflects who you are?

You've Tried Building a Successful Multi-Passionate Business But...

  • You have so many ideas you don't know which one to pick to get started.
  • You finally get started but you focus on the wrong things and feel scattered and all over the place. 
  • You're frustrated and overwhelmed about how your going to make your business work even though you are at it every. single. day.
  • All the "experts" say, "pick one thing," but you struggle because you have multiple talents, interests and passions.
  • You aren't walking in your purpose and building a successful business and you're about to give up.
  • You feel like you're missing that one thing that will make all the difference. The "secret" that will point you in the right direction.

What is That One Thing?
What is the #1 secret behind every successful Business Owner?

** A Clear Vision and Strategic Plan **

Imagine how you would feel if you could:

  • Finally have confidence in what you do in your business.
  • Start every day, knowing exactly what you do and why you do it.
  • Be laser-focused on your mission and vision, and know how you're going to achieve them.
  • Have action plans in place for messaging, marketing, sales, and more.
  • Leverage your multiple gifts to solve your dream client's problems.
  • Know without a doubt that your business is the right business and you're making it happen.

Are you ready to take a journey that provides the clarity and focus you desire in your business without ignoring your multi-passionate personality?

Let me ​Introduce...
The Ultimate Visionary System

This 6-Week Experience Is For You If...

  • You're a multi-passionate professional writer or entrepreneur who is ready to ditch the excuses, evolve your mindset, and start making magic happen in your life and business.
  • You're ready to finally decide that what you want is important enough to pursue and achieve.
  • You're ready to use a proven goal setting and visioning strategy that will radically change the way you approach your life and work.
  • You're willing to do the work and take full responsibility for your current results, and step into a new version of your multi-passionate bad-ass self.
  • You don't shy away from new ideas and are open to learning, researching and implementing concepts that may be new to you and your business.
  • You can finally step into your role as a multi-passionate business owner and leverage your superpowers to serve your customers and community.
JW Testimonial

This is not for you if...

  • You are looking for the "easy way," and are not ready to do the work.
  • You have given up on your business dreams and want to go back to the 9-to-5 life.
  • You're close-minded and always respond with, "I already know that."
  • You're not coachable and you refuse to try and test new strategies in your business.
  • You don't think you have what it takes to be a multi-passionate business owner and want things to stay exactly the way they are.
  • You have a thriving and successful multi-passionate business that fulfills you and allows you to live life on your terms.

This experience will:

  • Identify and modify your limiting beliefs, so you can begin to get out of your own way.
  • Guide you in creating a customized and actionable strategic plan, so you know what do to and when to do it.
  • Help you gain clarity and focus, so you maintain forward momentum in your business without restricting you.
  • Provide you with a proven goal setting methodology, so that you feel inspired and empowered to go after what you want in life and business.
  • Teach you what it really means to decide to do something so that you follow through with your decisions.

What others have said about working with me...


Before working with you - I was struggling with what to do to get moving. I knew I wanted to make my businesses happen, to get them working, and moving forward again. I just didn’t realize how to accomplish that goal. After the first session with you, I saw the way forward and I felt a renewed sense of purpose with the businesses. That energy continued through the month and was bolstered by each session. I was amazed at how you were able to get me to focus in on exactly what I needed to do. You helped me realize that I can do this, I am doing this and that being a multi-passionate entrepreneur is exactly who I am. You guided me in seeing how the businesses connect to each other, how they work together, and the theme that runs through each one. I am now on the right path for me and my businesses. Flourishing is a great feeling.


Thank you for your help! You are out of this world good at coaching!!!! 👍😊🥰🙏🏻🕉🌷

Denise Morrissey Founder and President | Amplify Digital Consulting, Inc.

This group mentorship will:

  • Identify and modify your limiting beliefs so you can begin to get out of your own way.
  • Guide you in creating a customized and actionable strategic plan so you know what do to and when to do it.
  • Help you gain clarity and focus so you maintain forward momentum in your business without restricting you.
  • Provide you with a proven goal setting methodology so that you feel inspired and empowered to go after what you want in life and business.
  • Engage you in a visioning exercise that takes the traditional vision board activity to a new level of focus so your manifesting powers are amplified.
  • Teach you what it really means to decide to do something so that you follow through with your decisions.
  • Introduce best practices in accountability that are personal to you so that you are kept on track to reaching your goals.

What's Included in the
The Ultimate Visionary System?

Desk Top with Sign

Your 6-Week Experience Includes:

  • Six (6) recorded training modules with multiple lessons in each
  • Three (3) group strategy sessions with your visionary guide, Corrie Ann, the multi-passionate muse
  • Weekly workbooks, templates and checklists, because nothing happens unless you take action
  • Membership into a private Facebook Community. You cannot build a business alone. This community will be your incubator where you can test ideas and get feedback from me and other multipreneurs
  • Weekly Q & A in the Facebook Community. You will get your questions answered and receive on the spot coaching and accountability as necessary
  • Weekly accountability emails from me to ensure you move forward 
  • Lifetime updates!  Every time this program is updated you will get access to all the new material - at no additional investment!

A GROUP experience and a PRIVATE experience is available.
See details below.

At the end of the 6-week experience
you will...

  • Know exactly how your ideas fit together in your business, so you can deliver a clear brand and message to your audience.
  • Gain the clarity and focus you desire, so you set the right goals and achieve them again and again.
  • Finally have a blueprint for YOUR business, so you attract your ideal clients and provide them exactly what they want.
  • No longer feel frustrated and overwhelmed, so you overcome your worries and doubts, and fully serve your community.
  • Create your own rules, so that you're completely aligned in you life and business.
  • Feel confident as a multi-passionate business owner, so you achieve your definition of success, generate revenue, and become the multipreneur you are meant to be.

More Kind Words About My Work...


Corrie Ann has helped me in so many ways both personally and professionally. She inspired and motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. I was terrified with the idea of public speaking and just the thought of being in front of a group would give me anxiety but eventually I could get in front of a group without running out. I have since become an independent consultant, which pushes me even more to present and sell in group demonstrations. Something I would've never thought of doing without Corrie's guidance. I feel I've grown in so many ways with her as my coach. She is a great teacher/coach and will get you started and moving forward with a plan of action. She truly cares about helping others. She is definitely a multi-passionate lady, which is a valuable asset to move you towards achieving your vision and goals.

Maria Elena Gomez Independent Consultant

I sincerely appreciate all your help. You are one of the most generous women I know and are always so giving of your encouragement, skill, and wisdom. I said it before and I'll say it again, you're the best!

Crystal Barrow CEO, Shape Your Success Coaching

I have had moments in my career and life where things aren’t so clear, where I am looking for something more or for a change. These are the times I struggled to find the right questions or a place to start. Corrie Ann Gray has a great talent at providing a starting point, give me questions to ask myself, what I should be considering and how to organize that process. She has helped me identify my strengths and skills which she then helps me use to work through the process. She is and has been a wonderful coach and friend, sharing her gift and her passion.

Christina Artavia Human Resources Consultant

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Corrie when we both worked in corporate America. Corrie made such a difference in my career! She provided guidance and coaching whenever I was at a crossroads. Her knowledge, patience, and overall helpful attitude helped me get to where I am today. Thank you Corrie! You mean the world to me.

Elsa Soto Human Resources Business Partner

What's Included in The Training?

Hover over each module to learn more.


Identify and modify your limiting beliefs, so you can begin to get out of your own way.


Gain clarity and focus, so you maintain forward momentum in your business without restricting you.


A proven goal setting system that inspires & empowers you to go after what you want in life & business.


You'll create a customized & actionable strategic plan, so you know what do to & when to do it.


Learn what it really means to decide to do something, so that you follow through with your goals.


Put everything together to create the blueprint for your business now and in the future.

See the bonus content below for details. Valued at $1.200.

And of course there are BONUSES!

Almost $1,200 worth of extras!

  • Social Media Planning ($97) - Create a strategic social media plan to build relationships with your audience
  • Marketing Plan Templates ($97) - Nail your multi-passionate niche, know your dream client and attract them to you
  • Client Attraction System ($297) - I show you how to be visible (online and offline), meet your ideal clients, be of service, and sign them on
  • Vision Board Flip ($197) - A vision board mini-course with a twist. Learn my unique method for manifesting
  • Branding Done Right ($297) - A complete branding checklist and tutorial for the multi-passionate business
  • Radical Focus Planner ($47) - Receive a digital copy of the only planner designed for the multi-passionate person
  • And more! ($150) - Moondance Goal Setting ebook, Achieving Your Goals guided meditation, Canva and Color Scheme tutorial

Look what Jessica said about working with me.


Working with Corrie Ann was like stepping out of the dark into the sun. So much got clarified for me - not only my big “why”, and a total reconnection to my passion for what I’m doing, but a very clear picture of the path ahead. She really took the time and energy to understand where I’m at in my business, where I want to be and what my challenges are, and helped me figure out a lot that was stumping me. I so appreciate that she works on both a practical level by giving tons of useful information, as well as a more nurturing level to leave me feeling confident and excited!

Jessica Jennings, MS, ERYT, RPYT Founder, Ma Yoga Living

Meet Your Guide and Strategist

Corrie Ann's Superpowers

There are many business coaches and strategists who provide similar services, but there aren't many like me who come with the multi-passionate perspective. There are also very few who have two superpowers that make the difference between dreaming about a starting a viable business and doing it.

Those two superpowers are future focus and strategic thinking. This is a rare combination to find in one coach or strategist.  I can also add that another one of my strengths is maximizing the superpowers of others. I focus my energy on transforming something that is strong to something that is exceptional. I stand firm with my clients in taking action because my main goal is to see them achieve success. There is no half-way. You either do it, or you don't (and I package it in lots of love).

My Experience (part of it)

Over the past three decades I have operated five part-time businesses while I held down full-time jobs in corporate America.  During the last 17 years in my corporate career at a major automotive company I leveraged my superpowers to create curriculum, deliver internal training, and coach individuals in goal setting, self assessments, and career development (not to mention manage a company-wide technical platform - but that's another story). All of these involved identifying the desired outcome and creating a plan to make sure it was achieved. Executives and Managers called me when they wanted their teams to learn these critical strategies.

There is no rule that states you must follow the rules.

My Lightbulb Moment

When I left corporate America I thought I knew which business I would boost full-time; unfortunately, I kept switching gears and trying new things. My coaches pleaded with me to focus on one thing but I would get distracted and work on something new, leaving everything I started behind in a heap. I felt defeated and discouraged.

It wasn't until I was recovering from a major panic attack that I finally listened to my intuition and returned to what I know. It was then that I realized I was missing a key component in my goal setting activities. When I implemented this piece of the puzzle things started to flow and I learned how to get the best out of being a multi-passionate person and make my dreams a reality.

It's All About the Strategy

This missing key component was a customized strategic plan.  This was the game-changer for me in my life and business.

Now I love supporting and guiding other multi-passionate writers and entrepreneurs through a strategic journey that allows them to see the possibilities of their future, and get started making it happen today. (And in true multi-passionate fashion, I'm also a freelance writer, holistic health educator, and graphic/web designer.)

Are you ready to step into YOUR superpowers, develop and implement a strategic plan for your multi-passionate business, and make your dreams a reality?

Corrie Ann Gray

The Ultimate Visionary System

Space is limited to 25 participants


$800.00 or
2 monthly payments of $450.

  • 6 recorded training modules with multiple lessons each.
  • 3 group strategy sessions.
  • Weekly workbooks, templates and checklists.
  • A weekly Q & A in a private Facebook community.
  • Weekly accountability emails
  • check
    Plus $1,200 in bonus content
  • Lifetime updates!

See below for Terms of Service.

The Ultimate Visionary System

1:1 with Corrie Ann - 4 spots available.

we begin september 23, 2019

$2,000.00 or
3 monthly payments of $735.

  • Everything in the GROUP Coaching edition - PLUS...
  • 6 weekly 1:1 strategy sessions with me to fine tune and implement
  • A spiral-bound version of the Radical Focus Planner
  • check
    A 90-minute holistic health strategy session with a 2-week meal plan
  • check
    $1,200 in bonus content

See below for Terms of Service.

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Satisfaction Guarantee


The Ultimate Visionary System is a powerful experience where you will see results if you do the work. I am there, virtually by your side throughout the 6-week experience with support and accountability. By investing in this mentorship, you are telling the Universe that you are ready and willing to do what it takes to make your business a success.

When you join this program, if for any reason you feel you need additional support, please reach out to Corrie Ann at the email on your receipt and she will make arrangements to connect with you 1:1 to see what can be done to ensure you have the best possible experience. Your satisfaction is her goal.

If you feel this program was not worth your investment send an email to the address on your receipt with proof that you completed all of the work in the program within 90 days of your purchase and Corrie Ann will issue a prompt refund, less $100 for administrative costs.

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