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I’m Corrie Ann Gray, a life coach and visionary business strategist

I love supporting writers and entrepreneurs who struggle with lack of clarity and no focus in their business endeavors. They have so many interests and ideas that they can't build momentum, and they eventually give up trying to create a successful business.

I guide them through an entrepreneurial journey where together we design a fully-focused multi-passionate business, create and implement a strategy to achieve their goals, and provide accountability to ensure they stay on track. 

This means they're taking all the necessary actions to launch their business successfully. I walk them step-by-step through the Master Blueprint to Ignite Your Multi-Passionate Business.

By using the Master Blueprint, they begin to see themselves as confident business owners with a focused purpose that is in sync with their multiple passions. Their business becomes fully aligned with who they are so they can finally make a living doing what they love.

I would love to invite you to a free FOCUS Discovery Call so we can chat about your current situation

and see if there is an opportunity to work together so you can finally leverage your multi-passionate tendencies without being frustrated and overwhelmed in your business. During this free session you can expect:

  • Dedicated time to focus on your business goals.
  • Honest feedback on how you can get unstuck and finally move forward.
  • A breakthrough so you can take the next step to make your dreams a reality.

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