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Corrie Ann Gray
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This Is the Hardest Part

They say the hardest part of doing something is getting started. I would agree. It’s been that way for me my entire life. When I was in school I always waited until the last minute to do homework or projects – and read books – I hated reading back then! When I was in corporate America (I kind of miss that place) I always waited to start my projects, write the communication, or set up the meeting. I always got things finished and delivered on time and yet I always had trouble starting.

These days I force myself to take action. It’s critical for a small business owner to do so because, quite frankly, no one else gives a damn and there is no one else to do things. It’s all on me. That isn’t to say it’s easy. Here are a few tricks to get going on whatever it is you need to start (and finish):

  1. Know why you are doing it. This can sometimes drive you to start sooner rather than later. If there is some incentive behind this why I’m sure you will get past the start (and finish) line quicker. With anything we do in life – knowing the why can drive us to succeed.
  2. Know who you are doing it for. The answer to this will do two things: Drive you to either do it sooner rather than later; and help you determine how best to package the project/book/whatever it is you are doing in an effective way (for the audience).
  3. What is your message?  This isn’t only for communication pieces. Knowing your message will help in any type of work so that you deliver it appropriately and get your point across. For example: Are you trying to convince your boss to approve a new project? Figure out your best persuasive message, know your audience, and work with that in mind.
  4. Stop trying to be perfect. This is the killer of so many projects. We think we can only deliver something that is perfect or we should do nothing. Wrong. Nothing in life is perfect – nothing! Throw perfectionism out the window and get started. Something is better than nothing.

This year I am committed to starting and finishing what needs to be done to drive my business forward and make this writing gig a real thing (read: profitable).  What are you going to start? Leave a comment so I can cheer you on to the finish line.


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Corrie Ann Gray is a visionary writer, strategist, philosopher, and a damn good cookie creator. She is also known as The Renaissance Soul Writer and is the founder and director of the Clean Body Project, where she inspires individuals to live a holistically purpose-filled life.

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