Implement the #1 Secret of Successful Business Owners to Gain Clarity, Focus and Revenue

Learn to craft a unique business strategy so you finally know what to do in your business…

even if you're multi-passionate!

You started your service-based business and now you feel feel scattered and overwhelmed

Being a business owner is tough, and being a multi-passionate business owner can be ever tougher without the right strategy, plan, and focus.

You thought it would be simple to do what you love to do in your business - all of it - and attract clients who would buy your services. The only thing is, it didn't happen that way. 

In fact, the complete opposite has happened. You aren't sure what your purpose is, you have no idea what your competitors are doing, and priorities? You don't even know what they are!

By now you're frustrated and overwhelmed since you aren't sure what your "niche" is, you feel like you're all over the place on social media, and yet you keep at it every single day with no results.

All the "experts" say, "pick one thing," but you can't imagine doing that. It's not who you are. 

You have many skills, talents, and interests you love to leverage, you just don't know how to do it in your business.

You know you aren't walking in your purpose. You aren't building a sustainable business. And if you're completely honest, you're about to give up.

Every day you feel like you're missing that one thing that will make all the difference. The "secret" that will point you in the right direction.

If this sounds familiar, keep reading because you're about to discover the secret you've been waiting for - and it's designed just for you  - the multi-passionate entrepreneur.


STRATEGIZED™ is an online 6-module course that will... 

  • Help you identify and reprogram your limiting beliefs, so you start to get out of your own way. 
  • Guide you, step-by-step through a strategic planning process, so you know what to do and when to do it. 
  • Help you finally gain clarity and focus, so you maintain forward momentum in your business without restricting your multi-passionate ways. 
  • Guide you to implement a proven goal-setting methodology, so you feel inspired and empowered to go after what you want in your life and business. 

When you strategize, you start serving your community and generating revenue, so you can live your best life.

Here’s What You'll Get When You Sign Up

When you enroll in STRATEGIZED™, you will experience the only strategic planning course designed for the multi-passionate entrepreneur (multipreneur). There are six modules and each one is filled with lessons that will walk you through the strategic planning process. Each lesson is broken down into bite-sized chunks so it will take you little time to complete them. When you are finished, you will have an actionable strategic plan that will will serve as your master blueprint for building a sustainable and profitable business.
You will also have LIFETIME updates to the course.

Successfully Package Your Passions

Know exactly how your ideas fit together in your business, so you can deliver a clear brand and message to your audience every time.

Gain Clarity and Focus

You will set the right goals and achieve them again and again. You will no longer spin your wheels in confusion and chaos. Things will begin to flow.

A Business Blueprint

Your blueprint will be unique to your business, so you attract your ideal clients who will want to throw money at you to solve their problems.

Say Bye-Bye to Frustration

When you no longer feel frustration and overwhelm you overcome your worries and doubts, and fully serve your community.

Here’s what people are saying...

Read how clients who have worked with Corrie Ann either one-on-one or in a group setting have benefited from her experience, expertise, coaching, and strategic planning skills. 

Joelle Wilson

Honest Life Coaching

I am now on the right path

You guided me in seeing how the businesses connect to each other, how they work together, and the theme that runs through each one. I am now on the right path for me and my businesses.

Jessica Jennings

Ma Yoga LIving

So much got clarified for me

So much got clarified for me - not only my big “why,” and a total reconnection to my passion for what I’m doing, but a very clear picture of the path ahead. She really took the time and energy to understand where I’m at in my business, where I want to be and what my challenges are, and helped me figure out a lot that was stumping me. I so appreciate that she works on both a practical level by giving tons of useful information, as well as a more nurturing level to leave me feeling confident and excited!

Charlene Stackle

Action Arrow Media

You're the best!

​I would highly recommend working with Corrie Ann. She is able to look at things at a large scale view and also break down and take apart the smaller pieces of the whole. This is a valuable gift that is an asset to any business, multipreneur, or writer.

See What's Inside the Course

Upon registration you gain access to all course material, which include five (5) main modules

and one (1) bonus module.


Module 1: See the Big Picture

This is where we take a big picture look at your business, or the business you want to have. You will do some self-reflection on your business so far, and then dig deep to commit to the changes that are about to happen for you.  This is also where we start identifying your limiting beliefs and reprogram them for your ultimate success.


Module 2: Your Table Setting

This module will guide you through a process to identify what skills, interests and talents you bring to the table. The exercises in this module will help you identify your zone of genius and then create an overarching theme that serves as the foundation for your operational plan, messaging, marketing and sales process.


Module 3: Strategic Planning Part One

The strategic planning component is broken down into three modules. In this module you will analyze your current business model and other factors that impact your success. You will also prioritize your projects and set goals using the S.M.A.R.T.I.E framework.


Module 4: Strategic Planning Part Two

In part two of the strategic planning phase you will align your business. You will determine what training and other resources you need, and plan out your social media and marketing strategies. You will create a budget and financial plan so you manage your cash flow. You will also identify possible strategic partnerships.


Module 5: Strategic Planning Part Three

The final phase of the strategic plan is the shortest but the most important. During this phase you will integrate your plan into your business activities. You will craft an action plan that will guide you through implementing the strategy. You will also evaluate what's working, what's not, and how to pivot if necessary.

Bonus Module

There's a Full Module of Bonuses!

The sixth module is all about the bonuses. The content here will supplement the information you learn in the core modules.

Bonus 1
Vision Board

In this mini-course, you will learn a unique and strategic way to create a vision board that is focused on your goals. 

This methodology removes the chaos-driven format of traditional vision boards and provides a clear and concise message to the Universe, asking for what you want.

Bonus 2
Write Your Dreams Into Reality

In this report you'll learn how to use your brain to achieve

your goals.

You already have everything you need to attain what you want. Now you'll know how to tap into that power so your manifesting energy is amplified. This is when magic starts to happen.

Bonus 3
Make Room In Your Life

The environment in which you operate has a direct impact on your focus and productivity. This report will walk you through the steps of clearing out the clutter in all areas of your life, so your energy is maintained and your business remains sustainable. You will feel light and ready to go.

Bonus 4
Accountability Matters

How do you keep yourself accountable? This bonus teaches you the importance of accountability and provides you with techniques to hold yourself accountable. It also outlines how to identify and engage with your ideal accountability partner. You'll start getting things done.

About Your Strategist,
Corrie Ann Gray

Corrie Ann Gray is your strategist during this experience. She is a Holistic Business Strategist with 30 years of copywriting, corporate and entrepreneurial experience and 20 years as a professional coach. She is also the Founder and CEO of the International Association of Multipreneurs.

As a multipreneur herself, she believes that being multi-passionate is a superpower and doesn't have to be a struggle. You can design a business doing what you love, and make money doing it.

As an intuitive guide, she provides leadership, maximizes potential, holds you accountable, and provides the strategic mentorship to help bring your dreams to life.

Corrie Ann Gray
Corrie Ann Gray

Here’s what people are saying about Corrie Ann

Elsa Soto

Human Resources Business Partner

Corrie Ann made such a difference...

​I’ve had the pleasure of working with Corrie when we both worked in corporate America. Corrie made such a difference in my career! She provided guidance and coaching whenever I was at a crossroads. Her knowledge, patience, and overall helpful attitude helped me get to where I am today. Thank you Corrie! You mean the world to me.

Crystal Barrow

Shape Your Success Coaching

I sincerely appreciate all your help

​I sincerely appreciate all your help. You are one of the most generous women I know and are always so giving of your encouragement, skill, and wisdom. I said it before and I'll say it again, you're the best!

Marie Elena Gomez

Independent Consultant

She is a great teacher/coach

Corrie Ann inspired and motivated me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. I was terrified with the idea of public speaking and just the thought of being in front of a group would give me anxiety but eventually I could get in front of a group without running out. Something I would've never thought of doing without Corrie's guidance. She is a great teacher/coach and will get you started and moving forward with a plan of action. She truly cares about helping others.

Having a Strategic Plan For Your Business is Priceless

The TOP THREE Reasons Why You Need a Strategic Plan


 Your strategic plan provides the clarity, focus and direction you need to ensure you meet your goals and generate consistent revenue. It is a written document that provides the roadmap - follow the map and you will be successful.


Your strategic plan drives organizational alignment. One entire module of STRATEGIZED™ is dedicated to the alignment process, it's that important. When the plan is aligned throughout your company, everyone is onboard and goals are met.


Your strategic plan communicates your message both internally and externally. You will be reminded of what your mission and vision is. You'll be able to effectively communicate to your audience so they understand who you are, what you do, and are ready to buy.


A self-study course for do-it-yourselfers.



  • 5 Modules of Core Content
  • 1 Module of Bonus Content
  • All Worksheets & Templates
  • Weekly Q & A in a Private Facebook Community
  • Lifetime Updates!

A supported experience with Corrie Ann.



or 2 payments of $600

  • 5 Modules of Core Content
  • 1 Module of Bonus Content
  • All Worksheets & Templates
  • Weekly Q & A in a Private Facebook Community
  • Two 1-hour private Strategy Sessions
  • Lifetime updates

Satisfaction Guarantee

Because of the digital nature of this course, there are no monetary refunds. That said, if you are not satisfied with the content provided, Corrie Ann will personally work with you to create your actionable strategy and ensure you have a detailed roadmap to move forward.  Simply email to discuss your situation.

Don’t wait! This is your opportunity to learn from an experienced business strategist at a fraction of the cost.

Denise Morrissey

Amplify Digital Marketing

Thank you for your help!

​Thank you for your help! You are out of this world good at coaching!!!! 👍😊🥰🙏🏻🕉🌷

Christina Artavia

HR Consultant

She has helped me identify my strengths

Corrie Ann Gray has a great talent at providing a starting point, give me questions to ask myself, what I should be considering and how to organize that process. She has helped me identify my strengths and skills which she then helps me use to work through the process. She is and has been a wonderful coach and friend, sharing her gift and her passion.

Diana Rooney

Hand Writing Specialist

Continues to be my constant go-to source

Corrie Ann understood where I needed to focus and was spot on with guidance and tools to move me forward toward my goals. Corrie Ann continues to be my constant go-to source for clarity and direction, information, and constructive feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a business plan, isn't that enough?

What the difference between the D.I.Y and the 1:1?

What results can I expect to see?

Is this for new businesses or existing businesses?

What if I can't keep up with the 6-weeks of content?

Do you have payment plans?

strategized D.I.Y.

A self-study course for do-it-yourselfers.



  • 5 Modules of Core Content
  • 1 Module of Bonus Content
  • All Worksheets & Templates
  • Weekly Q & A in a Private Facebook Community
  • Lifetime Updates!
strategized 1:1

A supported experience with Corrie Ann



or 2 payments of $600

  • 5 Modules of Core Content
  • 1 Module of Bonus Content
  • All Worksheets & Templates
  • Weekly Q & A in a Private Facebook Community
  • Two 1-hour private Strategy Sessions
  • Lifetime updates

A note from Corrie Ann

Thank you for checking out STRATEGIZED™. I am confident that this course will ease your way to building a sustainable multi-passionate business.  I am passionate about the work that I do and I hope you will register for either the D.I.Y. version or the 1:1 with me.  I know that with some thoughtful strategic planning and action-taking, you will soon be on your way to the business of your dreams.  Let's do this together!