THE Manifesto for the

A declaration and affirmation that being a multi-passionate person is a credible way of operating in the world today.

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What People Are Saying

"A compassionate, courageous manifesto for abundant joy and creativity. Corrie Ann has written a wise companion for anyone standing on the threshold of change and transformation."

Lisa Temoshok
Yoga and Meditation Teacher

"The Manifesto for the Multi-Passionate showed me that I wasn't being my true self. I was trying to fit into everyone else's box for me. Which was producing unhappiness and anxiety. This Manifesto gave me the permission, that I was secretly seeking, to be authentically Anquilla. I am darn happy to be a Multi-Passionate, it shows just how rare I am."

Anquilla Bellow

"The Manifesto for the Multi-Passionate is excellent. This is a must-read for any writer new or seasoned. As a matter of fact, this isn't just for writers, anybody can read this and will come away inspired. If you're ever questioning yourself, give this a read."

Garin Turner

"This is a piece that I will reread many times and find something new in it every time. That alone gives this work such credibility and longevity. This is a piece that is inspiring and evokes a sense of action from the reader."

Keri Priest
Small Business Owner

In this FREE ebook you will discover...

A life jacket for multi-passionates

You will discover that it is okay to be a Jack or Jane of many things and create a life and career that keeps you interested and engaged.

Permission to let go

It is safe to be who you are, in all it's multi-passionate brilliance. Letting go of our resistance opens us up to even greater potential.

Why finding your voice is essential

While we may have many interests to occupy our time, to live a purpose-filled life we must release our creative voice and let it be heard.

In invitation to a private community

I offer you an invitation to join me and other Renaissance Soul writers and entrepreneurs to a private Facebook group where I share resources, tools, and inspiration.

Can You Relate?

"Gorgeous, beautifully written, and it touched a like-minded soul! I, too, have a sanctuary of ideas and ever growing passions. And I believe what the world needs right this moment is a multitude of multi-passionate souls sharing their gifts. Focusing on truth in all its guises, playfulness, the journey rather than the j-o-b, just-because adventure, authentic connection, and as Corrie says, exploring the cosmos to see what can be conjured. A wonderful, easy read to quickly whisk you away to a new way of being."

Rebecca Harwin
Chiropractor and Author /


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