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Being Generous

Being Generous is My Modus Operandi

I don’t know about you, but do you ever get tired of all the messages out there in the world that involve some money exchange?  I’ll give you this if you pay me that. It seems to be the driving force in the world today, especially here in the gold ‘ole U.S.A. Does anyone care about being generous?

And I understand, we gotta make a dime to survive these days. I’m not naive, but do we always have to expect money for every little thing we do?

In the professional writing world, you have two camps of thought. There are those who say to start doing your work for free to build up a portfolio. Then there are the others who say never give your work away for nothing. People won’t value your work if you do that.

I come from a middle of the road position. I say, be generous.

Being generous is probably one of the better ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace, classroom, or studio. When someone goes over the top and provides more time or resources than expected, people will notice.

Being generous has its reward.

One of my mentors, Stu McLaren, is one generous guy. He’s currently launching the next round of his Tribe membership, and throughout the process, he is giving away so much information. Even if you never buy his signature program (which teaches you how to build a membership program) you will learn a ton and pretty much know what to do just by all the free content and resources he is giving away.

He does this because it works. When people see the value he provides they are willing to invest more with him.

  • Are you a friend who always makes sure that your best friend’s birthday is special? That BFF will spend more quality time and energy with you.
  • Do you make sure your family has a nutritious and fun breakfast before heading out the door? Your family will make sure you are taken care of too.
  • Do you give your employee a little leeway in finishing a project? That employee will bend over backward to finish it with flying colors and make you look damn good.

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Last year I decided that the best way for me to approach building my new business is to be insanely generous. Rather than making my followers pay for a tidbit of information, I give it to them willingly and with love. I pop on Facebook Live and share my knowledge freely. I listen to what my followers need or want and give it to them the best I can.

Why do I do this? The same reason Stu does. To provide maximum value, build a loyal following, and make a positive change in the life of my ideal clients. If fortune rains down on me, they will reciprocate by buying one of my coaching programs or joining my membership. If they don’t, that’s okay too. I’ll keep giving them value for as long as they decide to be in my Universe.

How does being generous apply to writing (or your craft)?

So, back to writing for no money. When you do this, you aren’t doing it for free, or not getting anything in return. Even if you don’t get a check in the mail that you can deposit into your bank account, you are getting something back in return.

By doing your work for free you:

  • Become more visible in the marketplace
  • Gain new followers
  • Get more people on your email list
  • Practice your craft on a regular basis
  • Get better at what you do
  • Feel great because you are helping others while doing what you love.
  • Eliminate your scarcity mindset that plagues so many people today
  • Live from a place of ample abundance


Today’s Action Item:

Figure out what you can give away today. Is it a blog or social media post? Can you add a new freebie on your website? Or deliver a ten minute Facebook Live with tips for <whatever it is you know how to do>. How about cooking a meal for a friend? Or take a senior citizen around town to do his/her errands?

Whatever you do, do it freely with nothing expected in return. Then keep being generous and see what happens. People aren’t generous because they are successful. They are successful because they are generous. 

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