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Corrie Ann Gray
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Banish Fear for Good With This One Simple Trick

What are you afraid of these days? Right now, today, what’s your biggest fear?  Is it looking for a new job, even though you hate your current one? Are you afraid of asking for a divorce? Maybe you’re scared of traveling to a foreign country. I know, you’re terrified of doing a Live video on Instagram.

When you sit with your fears, you start to experience that feeling that wells up inside of you. You know, that sense of dread, or terror that something will go wrong. You start telling yourself things like: Maybe it’s not the right choice. I should probably think about it more before I decide. It could be one huge mistake and then what will I do?

I’ve been there. I’ve had more fears in my life than I’d like to admit. Somewhere along the line in my 50 years of experience, I activated my fear gene. I think we all have one, but some of us are better at keeping it suppressed.

Somewhere along the line in my 50 years of experience, I activated my fear gene.

Having fear is a normal human experience. If you didn’t have anything that you were a bit fearful of I would be worried. I remember when I was young (my earliest childhood memories), even though I was shy, I wasn’t afraid of things like I am now. I would play outside and explore. I would spin myself around a monkey bar and see how many times I could get around it. I would dance in public, even without music playing. Heck, I was a cheerleader and on the dance/drill team – no fear there.  I was petrified of approaching people and introducing myself (still am to an extent) but somehow I always made friends throughout my teen years in spite of the fear.

It wasn’t until relatively recently that I started exploring my fears. If you’ve paid attention to my journey over the past year, you will know that I experienced my first ever, full-blown, out of the world panic attack on March 10, 2017. It was THE scariest time of my life. I thought I was having a heart attack and was going to die alone in my car.  I have no idea what caused the attack, but since then I’ve experienced smaller doses of anxiety every few days. When things like this happen, I need to find out the reason or at least have some explanation.

I won’t go into the details about from where my anxiety comes. That could take up one post all on its own. But I will say this.  Once I figured out what my fears were (are), I learned a little trick to help me push past them with less stress.

Find Your Bigger Fear

The fears I was facing over this past year are nothing compared to the feeling of dread I feel when I think about not achieving my goals in this life. For example, I was afraid of leaving my job and starting my own business.  But that is nothing compared to my fear of living the same life until I retire and not following my true calling.

I was afraid of moving to a new place and setting up a new life. But that is nothing compared to my fear of not living in nature, surrounded by the beauty of the Universe in my backyard.

I hope by now you get my point. I learned that I have much greater fears that are motivating me to move past my smaller fears. I figured this out one day when I was chatting with a friend. I told her that I was afraid of moving forward in one of my business projects (and I went into all the details as to why) and her simple response was, “But what if you don’t do it?”

That statement hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t know how to respond verbally, and yet tears came to my eyes (even while typing this I am getting teary-eyed). I never looked at it that way. My answer to that question is scarier to me than taking the required action in my business.

So, find your biggest fear. That one that will make you regret not going for what you want in life. That enormous fear that will motivate you to push past your smaller fears, step out of your comfort zone and live to your fullest potential. Because when you do, your fears will become a memory and you will be living from a place of love.  Love for yourself. Love for your future. Love for your dreams coming true.

What is a fear that can move your forward today?  Share with me in the comments so I can cheer you on to the finish line.

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