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Are you a multi-passionate writer, or want to be one, and you struggle to discover what type of writing you should focus on to make a living? You are in the right place. To get you started, download my latest eBook, 

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About the Author

Hey there!  I'm happy you found me on the interwebs. My name is Corrie Ann Gray and I am a full-time writer and entrepreneur living in California. As a writer, and what I like to call a Renaissance soul, my brain dumps out all sorts of ideas. This might include tidbits about holistic health, career and life purpose, writing, books, recipes (particularly cookies), and random thoughts that pop up, usually when I am in or near water.  I write nonfiction, fiction, screenplays, stage plays, and essays. I launched this site in September 2017, the month and year I turned 50. While I had no idea where it was taking me at first, I now realize that I am embracing my multi-passionate tendencies and leading the way to discovering that writers, particularly multi-passionate writers, don't have to choose one area, theme, topic, or genre. I will repeat that - We. Don't. Have. To. Choose. I'm thrilled to have you join the journey. You can also find me at CleanBodyProject.com
Be well.   ~ Corrie Ann

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